Patent Pending US PTO # US60/612-117

Cryotherapy (cold therapy) in combination with controlled compression has been clinically proven to increase the benefit and speed of cold therapy penetration.

Cold compression therapy (CCT Wrap) allows the use of applied compression and cold therapy for maximum tissue penetration. This combination of compression and cryotherapy immediately upon injury has reduced tissue damage and promotes an early return to full activity.

Direction For Use:

Simply activate ice pack and place on affected area with blue bandage on top – unroll bandage around appendage and apply pressure for 15 seconds on at least a 4″ overlay – bandage on bandage – readjust bandage as swelling changes. Simple and Inexpensive.

The benefits of our combined ice/compress wrap are:

  • Speed of applied use (all necessary items are in one product)
  • Reduction of pain sensation and inflammation due to deeper tissue penetration
  • Quick restoration of strength and mobility
  • Fast conformability to injured area