Founding partner Domenic Sammarco is a registered pharmacist and EMT, has developed products and services for preventive medicine with cost effective outcomes. Over 30 years of Pharmacy, emergency medicine, and military training. You can count on Dom to get the job done! Small investments, long term returns! Sound Safety practices both protect the wellbeing of your employees and are good for your business.
Local independent family owned pharmacy. Simply taking their pharmacy to your workplace. We’re experts in first aid and safety.
We customize your first aid cabinets to suit your industry, workplace requirements, and budget
Personalized service. Face-to-face conversation knowing your needs!
We’ll never ask you to sign a contract – we’re confident that you’ll be happy with our products, prices and our fast, friendly service.
We’ll help keep your company OSHA compliant. We have the experience to know what products your industry needs and are happy to provide our expertise and are happy to help.
We only charge for the products we stock – we never charge for restocking service or disinfecting your cabinets – that’s included in our superior customer service


We assess your needs by knowing your type of business. Our experience and knowledge will help you with the correct preposition medical supplies.
We work with your schedules saving you time, reducing medical expenses and visit you at no expense on a productive schedule – no contract.
We offer on-site services without costly service fees. You only pay for what products we supply. We’re a one-stop medical supplier – AED, oxygen, eyewash stations, etc.
Saving your company time and money, we like talking to our customers and face to face visits – you’re in control – no contracts – itemized invoices. We’re a local pharmacy, family-owned for over 30 years and will simply visit you with needed medical items.